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NBA game presentation protocols for next season

Adam Silver
Photo: AP Photo/Ashley Landis

The NBA has sent all 30 teams the game presentation protocols for the 2020-2021 season under the circumstances of limited or no fans.

The protocols include the following per Shams Charania:

  • Enhanced theatrical lighting
  • Crowd from arena noises/NBA 2K/prerecorded chants
  • Possibility of team arena entertainers

The NBA already used pre-recorded arena noises/chants and NBA 2K sound effects in the restart in Orlando, so it makes sense that they plan to use them again.

Potentially having team arena entertainers would be an interesting aspect, as they would be performing in front of a little crowd or none at all.

Either way, the league is continuing to try to create the most suitable gameplay atmosphere and make the most of the situation, whether it’s in front of a mostly empty arena or a completely empty arena.

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