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“Pat Riley despises LeBron James” – Skip Bayless

LeBron James
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Sports analyst Skip Bayless reacted to Pat Riley’s recent comments that the 2020 Los Angeles Lakers NBA title has an asterisk due to the Miami Heat injuries.

Bayless dug deeper and came out with a conclusion that Riley despises LeBron James, his former player in Miami, because he left the Heat for the Cavaliers.

“Pat Riley despises LeBron James. LeBron James left him high and dry when he suddenly said ‘I’m going home’. He left Dwyane Wade high and dry because he thought Dwyane had dried up as a player. His both knees were balking and Dwyane said ‘I got to suck it up. I’m still gonna stay close with LeBron.’ Because Dwyane loves LeBron. I think he wanted to keep the alliance going into their post career because it would be good for Dwyane,” he said on UNDISPUTED.

According to Bayless, Riley wanted badly for his Heat to face the Lakers in the NBA Finals. But Miami was hit with injuries, losing Goran Dragic and Bam Adebayo during the series.

“Pat Riley wanted to hang a big ole asterisk right on LeBron’s forehead,” Bayless concluded.

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