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NBA agents don’t believe Giannis Antetokounmpo will leave the Bucks

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Giannis Antetokounmpo will not leave the Bucks, according to several NBA agents.

Antetokounmpo is eligible to sign a supermax contract extension this offseason. If he declines it, then he will become a free agent in 2021.

“Everything he says publicly is that he’s staying. I tend to believe, but I know these things can change quickly. These are humans, not machines; 70% chance he stays, but he’s waiting to see what they do.”

“Any other player in the NBA at his level I’d say no, but him, he stays.”

“I think he stays. I’m hopeful he does. It’s good for the league.”

“I think he’s just going to play this contract out for next year, and then he’s going to give Milwaukee every opportunity to build talent around him. I think his natural inclination would be to stay and I think most of the pressure would be from the exterior that he’s going to react to.

People think that he’s in a better place. The other part is he’s going to have to shoot the ball better. But they’ve got to get some shooters around him, that’s for sure.”

“I see him in New York. I think you can’t just be that bad forever. I think he stays in Milwaukee, honestly, but if I had to bet, I would bet that he goes somewhere else. And I would bet he goes somewhere with big marketability.”

“I don’t think he’s a person that leaves. He’s the two-time MVP. It’s not really a stretch to say he’s the type of guy that wants a team built around him and he isn’t going to go some place to be somebody’s helper in that situation. He’s going to make people come to him and help him there and it’s a quarter billion dollars potentially that we’re talking about here.”

“Everything that’s going to happen in the basketball economy and the world, that contract is going to be something very difficult to turn down, and you can also see his path to success. It’s not that difficult. It’s not like he’s John Wall in Washington.

You could make the argument that it’s wide open right now. In Milwaukee you have the hard part figured out, and now you just have to enhance what you have around him. I don’t think he leaves. I don’t think he’ll be rushed into thinking he leaves,” some of the agents told Bleacher Report, via ClutchPoints.

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