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NBA’s next CBA could allow for marijuana use

Stephen A. Smith may have some reservations.


It’s believed that the NBA’s next CBA could allow pros to use marijuana without penalty.

The league did not test players for the drug after starting up again in the Orlando bubble earlier this year and, according to Real GM, the lack of testing “could have contributed to the elevated quality of play and may be something that gets negotiated into the next collective bargaining agreement.”

Players are hit with five-game suspensions after a third positive test under the current rules but the MLB and NHL have dislodged consequences from positive tests and it’s thought that the NBA could follow.

“Honestly, I think pot becomes legal in the next collective bargaining agreement,” Bill Simmons on Zach Lowe’s The Lowe Post podcast recently. “That was another lesson we learned from this bubble. They weren’t testing for pot. Could that have been one of the factors [why] quality of play was better? Maybe? Recovery?”

“If you’re going to have players live in the bubble in Disneyworld for three-and-a-half money, you’ve got to make some allowances,” Lowe said in response.

A number of NBA personalities have called for cannabis to be removed from the league’s banned substances list, with Brooklyn Nets star Kevin Durant having spoken in favor of marijuana use earlier this year.

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