Jared Dudley reveals Lakers’ reaction to the Clippers blowing a 3-1 lead

Jared Dudley
Photo: NBA/Twitter

The Lakers and the Clippers were expected to meet in the Western Conference Finals even before the season began. However, it didn’t happen as the Clippers blew a 3-1 lead against the Nuggets in the Western Conference semifinals.

The 2020 NBA champion Jared Dudley revealed what the Lakers’ players reaction to the Clippers being knocked out was. “We were laughing. We were laughing. In a sense like ‘I can’t believe it.’ I picked the to win the Game 7. I thought there was no way they were going to lose,” Dudley told Bill Simmons and Ryen Russillo on the Bill Simmons Podcast.

“Our hold mind was ‘We gotta beat the Clippers.’ We want the Clippers. They wanted us. It was the trash talking that happened.”

Dudley also admitted that it was disappointing not to get the chance to play the Clippers in the playoffs.

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