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Bill Simmons takes shot at the Lakers: “They are near their 12th title”

6/17/16 10:49:39 AM -- New York, NY, U.S.A -- Bill Simmons, ex-ESPN/Grantland, is starting fresh with a new site, The Ringer, a new company and most importantly a new weekly HBO show, Any Given Wednesday, that will cover sports and pop culture starting June 22. -- Photo by Robert Deutsch, USA TODAY STAFF ORG XMIT: MS xxxxx Bill Simmons 06/17/2016 [Via MerlinFTP Drop]

Bill Simmons is a die-hard Boston Celtics fan. He never shied away from his reputation as a Boston fan being known for the countless failed hot takes he’s fired about the Celtics and their rivals.

In his latest podcast, Simmons took a shot on the Los Angeles Lakers, who are on the verge to win their 17th NBA title.

Simmons had no choice, but to say they’re about to win their 12th title, as they shouldn’t count those five from their days at Minnesota.

“The Lakers have 12 titles. OKC has 0,” Simmons said on his podcast before claiming that Anthony Davis could ‘pull a Kawhi Leonard’ and leave the Lakers this summer.

The Lakers are one win away from the NBA title in the series against the Miami Heat. Game 5 of the NBA Finals is on Friday.

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