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Keeping a Close Eye on Qatar’s No.1 Basketball Player KO3 Mizo Amin

Here’s to keeping tabs on Qatar’s No.1 Basketball player Mohamed Hassan A Mohamed, A.K.A Mizo Amin, and analyzing his performance against the Australian team in the FIBA World Cup Qualifiers.

The game took place in Melbourne, Australia, against the Australia National Basketball Team, also known as the Boomers and one of the best national teams in world basketball; they’re 3rd in FIBA rankings at the moment. Prior to the game, Mizo Amin and the Qatar National Basketball Team played Japan in Tokyo. The Qatar National Basketball Team then traveled to Australia Melbourne, stayed there for one night for practice, and played the match on the second day at the Melbourne Arena.

Mizo put on a fantastic performance, following his excellent showing against Iraq up with another remarkable showing. Known for his deadly three-point shooting, Mizo scored many points by employing pretty step-backs and impressive side-step jumpers to keep Qatar in the game, also creating a number of shots for his teammates. The Australian Basketball Team, with their vast experience and the presence of quality players, won the match. For the Qatar National Basketball Team, the game was a huge challenge but Mizo kept them in it with an impressive outing. Mizo was fearless, confident, and motivated his teammates to give their all against the very formidable boomers.

“Qatar challenged Australia early on as Mohamed Hassan found his own range from the three-point line but the Boomers quickly responded in kind and for most of the first half, were actually shooting better from deep than two-point range,” Australia’s official website, Australia.basketball, reported.

Mizo Amin FIBA World Cup Qualifiers Game Highlights vs Australia:

Mizo Amin ( Mohamed Hassan ) Australia vs Qatar FIBA World Cup Qualifiers Game Highlights
Mizo Amin Mentioned by FIBA as Qatar’s Basketball Team Leader Group F

“For me, it was an accomplish and dream to play and compete against such a big team”, the King Of Threes (KO3) said after the fixture.

It was a dream for Mizo to face a team such as Australia; he made full use of the opportunity by playing confidently and created all sorts of problems for them. Mizo Amin and the Qatar National Basketball Team gained lots of experience from the game despite the loss.

Mizo Amin v. Cameron Gliddon

Mizo Amin Qatari Basketball Player #1 QAT vs Cameron Gliddon #3 (AUS)

One of the game’s main attractions was the competition between King Of Threes, Mizo Amin, and famous Australian shooting guard Cameron Gliddon. As mentioned by stuff.co.nz/sport/basketball, “The baskets kept flowing in the second quarter with Cadee racking up 13 points for the half but Mohamed Hassan A Mohamed and Mohd Yousuf Mohammed combined for 20 first-half points as the visitors kept the half-time deficit down to 16.”

Cameron Gliddon was guarding Mizo Amin throughout the contest, and they were involved in several exciting one-on-one situations, with Mizo winning the majority. Mizo’s strategy against Cameron Gliddon was to isolate on the defender and use step-backs as well as side-steps to create space for his shots. The strategy was indeed successful and saw to the creation of several points for his team. Mizo Amin realized a dream playing against a player of Gliddon’s status and they both had a great match. The competition between the pair isn’t over either.

After the game, Mizo Amin was shown in FIBA highlights executing his step-back move and hitting two three-pointers in both home and away games for Qatar against the Australia National Team.

Mizo Amin’s step-back action highlighted by FIBA

Australia v Qatar - Highlights - FIBA Basketball World Cup 2019 - Asian Qualifiers
Qatar v Australia - Highlights - FIBA Basketball World Cup 2019 - Asian Qualifiers
Mizo Amin aka Mohamed Hassan A Mohamed Step-back Three vs Australia

This was one of the memorable moments for the 29-year-old. As mentioned above, Mizo and the Qatar National Basketball team played a great game even though they lost. There were no complaints as they created great memories and gained a bag full of experience playing against Australia.

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