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Jimmy Butler says joining the Heat was the ‘best decision he ever made’

Photo: Brian Rothmuller/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Jimmy Butler is excited about playing for the Miami Heat and wants to remain with the team for many years.

Butler called the decision to sign with Miami ‘the best he ever made’.

“Best decision I ever made. I belong here. There’s this one player who played here, Dwyane Wade, he had a hell of a career here. He always told me the culture, the way that they work here, it’s you in every single way.

Well, I never thought I’d leave Chicago. Then I realized this is a business and I ended up leaving to two other stops. It didn’t work out in Philly.

But when I got here I could do nothing but smile, because of the way everyone talks to each other, the way everything is laid out on the table, you come in and work and then we have fun. This is the reason I play the game.

These guys are like me in so many ways that I absolutely love being here, to compete with and for these guys. I’m having so much fun,” Butler said in a recent Q&A interview with Shaun Powell of NBA.com.

Butler joined the Heat in the summer of 2019.

Miami will face the Milwaukee Bucks in the semifinals of the Western Conference, with Game 1 taking place on Monday.

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