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Nate McMillan reacts to the Pacers’ decision to fire him

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Nate McMillan shared his thoughts on the decision of the Indiana Pacers to fire him from the head coaching position.

The Pacers parted ways with coach McMillan, just two weeks after they had signed him to a contract extension.

“Yeah, well that was the reason for signing the extension; I was going to get that chance. But in saying that, my thought at the time (of signing the deal) was we would get out of the first round of the playoffs because we were heading down to Orlando with a healthy roster (except for Lamb). I felt confident we could beat those teams.

If we had gone down there with that full team, a healthy team, and lost, I would have made the decision for them. But I understand, sometimes you have some bad luck.

To me, it’s like what’s happening in this country. We can’t put the pandemic on the guy who’s running the country, but you’ve got to take responsibility for what happens on your watch. And we failed to advance, so I have to take responsibility for that,” McMillan told Bob Kravitz of The Athletic.

McMillan spent four years as the head coach of Indiana.

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