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Getting the Advantage

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Winning in basketball is all about getting advantages. From the opening tip to the final buzzer, each player, every single action is looking to create and exploit an advantage. Today I'll be talking about one on one facing the basket. From a triple threat position or with a foot forward or in retreat, getting an advantage, even when you have blinding speed depends on your ability to make good fakes.

Panathinaikos: Carbon-copy or end of an era?

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Well the second option seems to be becoming more distant as Head Coach Zeljko Obradovic, renewed for another 2 years. It used to take the two sides (Obradovic and club management) no more than 10 minutes to agree and renew their collaboration, but this year it took close to three hours. Why?

Olympiacos: Decisions time

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It's the same scenario almost every year for Greek powerhouse Olympiacos: will they undergo yet another complete re-shaping of the team, or will they manage to keep their core players?

Real Madrid Is Preparing A Big Summer

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Real MadridReal Madrid is desperate to beat their rivals FC Barcelona next season and as a result the club is preparing to make a big splash in the free agent market.

Not only pirates – Somali hoops

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Somalia is primarily known these days for its pirates and the lack of a government to most of the world.

Basketball seems not to be associated in any way with the Eastern African country located at the Horn of Africa.

Top 10 Euroleague Free Agent NBA Prospects

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Vasilis SpanoulisThere has been so much discussion about the summer 2010 NBA free agent class, but hardly any mention at all about some of the Euroleague players that will be available. With all of that cap space that some of the NBA teams have, they would be very wise to not forget about some of the potential NBA impact players that are available in Europe.

A fresh start for Maccabi

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In Israel, everybody knows, Maccabi is a lot more than just a basketball team, Maccabi means a lot more, being a Maccabist means being a winner, it means never giving up, it means going to win, even when all the chances are against you and never feeling weaker than your opponent, Maccabi means titles, Maccabi means glory. And since the end of 2007-2008 it looked like something bad is happening to the Maccabism.

Women's national tournament headed to Peoria, Illinois

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NJCAALIVONIA, Michigan —  Kirkwood Community College (Iowa) and Schoolcraft Community College (Michigan) met in the Championship game last year.  Kirkwood C.C. came out on top, 62-38.  Kirkwood is the favorite again and has the number one ranking in the country.  In fact, they have won the last three years.  They are the National Junior College Athletic Association, women’s power house.

Polish Natives Compete in NCAA Basketball

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NCAAYPSILANTI, Mich. –  A recent basketball game between Chicago State University and Eastern Michigan University was a reunion for two Polish natives who finished their high school basketball in the Chicago area. Both agreed that NCAA basketball was the best path for their development.


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