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Prokhorov sends Russian hat to Shaq (vid)

TNT's "Inside the NBA" hosts got some cool presents from Brooklyn Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov, who as he says "We Russians we all know about very bad weather" sent them some fur hats which "will keep their heads nice and warm".

Amir Johnson: How to say Jonas Valanciunas (vid)

Jonas Valanciunas finally made his debut in the NBA. In fact, he's doing quite well for a rookie. It even seems that Toronto Raptors fans struggle more trying to pronounce his name than Valanciunas struggles playing for the Raptors on the court.

Uncle Drew finds Love (vid)

Uncle Drew visits with a basketball legend who sends him on a mission to go out and get his old team back together. His first stop ---- Los Angeles, CA.

The Beard-Sanity song! (vid)

Well, it was only matter of time someone wrote a song about the co-existence of Jeremy Lin and James Harden in Houston Rockets.

Who's blacker: Charles Barkley or Snoop Dogg?

Charles Barkley and Snoop Dogg both took DNA tests that reveal person's ethnic heritage in order to find out who is blacker. Watch the video below in order to find out the test results.

28 basketballs spinning record (vid)

Michael Kettman, on his custom built frame, goes for the world record of most basketballs spinning simultaneously. Watch the video.

Comic: Omar Cook named Captain of Milano

Another comic brought to you by Talkbasket, bballheadlinescom and #TeamCAZR. This time it's about Omar Cook being named Captain of Olimpia Milano.

Comic: A skipper license for Fran

Talkbasket, and #TeamCAZR bring another comic, this time on Fran Vazquez.

The Ilkan Karaman Case: A Cartoon

TalkBasket joins forces with and #TeamCAZR and brings you another comic, this time about Ilkan Karaman.

Buying and selling mansions; NBA style

Los Angeles Lakers newest star Dwight Howard has reportedly spent a whopping $20million on a new mansion on Newport Beach.

A day at Barca offices - A comic

TalkBasket, in collaboration with and creating a comic on the contractual situation in Barcelona. Enjoy!


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