I want to throw something out there: Monta Ellis deserves to be in New York City! It is an honor to be in the All-Star game and although I have never played in the actual NBA All-Star game, in the past, I have participated in the Rookie/Sophomore game. To be recognized for your craft, for your passion, and in this case your job is a tremendous honor. And honestly every year I feel like a few guys get “snubbed.” And I didn’t even realize until I started thinking about this post, about how Monta has never been elected to the All-Star game…SMH.”

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It has now been confirmed that Kobe Bryant will be out for nine months after undergoing successful shoulder surgery.

There are questions about whether this will be his last season, but Lakers coach Byron Scott remains sure he will return next season.


Bryant will be out about nine months and will miss the rest of this season.

“I expect Kobe to make a full recovery and if all goes as expected, he should be ready for the start of the season,” said Dr. Neal ElAttrache, who, along with Dr. Steve Lombardo, performed the two-hour surgery in Los Angeles.

Bryant seriously aggravated a lingering shoulder ache while dunking last week in New Orleans. He and the Lakers decided Monday on the surgery, which ends his 19th season.

Lakers coach Byron Scott emphasized Wednesday that he expects the 36-year-old to return next season.

“In my mind right now, he’s coming back next year, unless he tells me something different,” Scott said.

Of Bryant’s impending rehabilitation, Scott said, “It’s pretty painful from what I’ve heard, and the rehab is long.”

Bryant saw his previous two seasons cut short by Achilles and knee injuries.