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TB special: 10 basketball courts from around the world

Hello friends! The "List Man" is back after three months and the list of Top10 Most fashionable (and screw loose) world leaders. But this time I did a list about your favourite subject, basketball. I have gathered images from 10 basketball courts from all around the world. Let TB take you to a fascinating and breathtaking basketbal journey.

Promyshlennyi, Russia. A small town abandoned more than 20 years ago, just north of the Arctic circle. Photo courtesy of English Russia.

In the ocean. Mexican Riviera cruise, Mexico. (Image courtesy of Clickr Bee)

Tampines, Singapore. (Photo courtesy of Jerry Wong)

This was once a garage and store that went out of business. So converted to a half basketball court. This picture was taken in Flatridge, Virginia. (USA). (Photo courtesy of Sandra Westbrooks)

Caye Caulker, Belize. (Photo courtesy of Tommy Tessandori)

Pripyat, the city which hosted the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in Ukraine, abandoded after Chernobyl disaster n 1986. For more than 23 years none has used this court.

Three boys play marbles while three workers build a basketball court at an orphanage near La Libertad, El Salvador. (Photo courtesy of L.E. McDonald)

Berlin, Germany, during the 2009 Euroleague Final Four. (Photo courtesy of Arkadios)

Floating basketball court on Tonle Sap lake, Siem Reap, Cambodia. (Photo courtesy of John Campbell)

Basketball Court at SECMOL, an alternative school 30 km outside Leh in the Himalayas, India. (Photo courtesy of Topher Drew)


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