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A Brief Roadmap for Turkish National Team

After inconsistent tournaments, how will Turkish national team learn to play constantly at the same level?

Beat the bookie Vol. 2

Welcome back to "Beat the Bookie" column! From time to time we will be trying to beat the bookie by offering you various betting options. Bear with us throughout our first steps, and hit us up with your own ideas, comments and betting inspirations.

5 things you might have known (or didn't know) about the NBA at Christmas

First off, Happy Christmas from all at TalkBasket - we hope you’re enjoying the festive period and getting ready for the traditional NBA schedule. Some big games coming up later so here are TB’s five things to watch out for.

Parker chooses France over rest. What's new?

You can say would you like about France’s Tony Parker. At the end of the day – he is one of basketball’s true warriors.

EuroBasket: A chance for the future to outshine the stars?

Eurobasket 2013 will still be a celebration of European basketball, but minus a lot of star names.

NBA Finals blog, game seven (Heat 95-88 Spurs)

Basketball is one of the most thrilling and at times, edge of your seat sports that you can play or watch. The Miami Heat and San Antonio didn’t just prove that but they excelled it to new heights, so much so that viewers watching at home were probably thinking of installing oxygen masks to drop from their front room ceilings in case of these kind of finishes to a basketball game.

NBA Finals blog, game six (Heat 103-100 Spurs)

Without question this was the game of the series so far. I said that this series would go to seven games, should go to seven games, and we are lucky enough to have seven games.

NBA Finals blog, game five (Spurs 114-104 Heat)

I should really write these blogs in-game, instead I’m finishing writing this up in the afternoon when I’ve woken up.  Sleep is a great thing, what can I say.

NBA Finals blog, game four (Spurs 93-109 Heat)

Miami’s big three finally came to play with Dwyane Wade taking charge of the side. It almost felt like old times.

NBA Finals blog, game three (Spurs 113-77 Heat)

Anything you can do, we can do better. That was the emphatic statement that the San Antonio Spurs left the Miami Heat on Tuesday night.

NBA Finals blog, game two (Heat 103-84 Spurs)

I’m a fan of Tiago Splitter, but after game two, he’ll be having nightmares of LeBron at the rim.


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