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Basketball Comics

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This team has the most insane pre-game ritual ever. In the entire timespan of the universe.

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The Russian club of Krasnye Krylia (translation: Red Wings... for those of you who don't speak Russian) has probably the most insane, and maybe borderline mentally challenged, pre-game ritual you have ever seen. Check out the video and see for yourself.

Uncle Drew is back!

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Uncle Drew, or Kyrie Irving as he is known in the NBA, is back and this time he has brough along a friend. Check out the video to see who his new teammate is.

DJ Flula feat. Dirk Nowitzki (vid)

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The world-wide famous (well, not really) DJ Flula took Dirk Nowitzki for a ride, and the result was... well, not so good, but funny nonetheless.

The greatest basketball Harlem Shake ever (vid)

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They are arguably the best team in the world (they even call them World Champions for some reason), so their version of Harlem Shake was also the best one in the world, at least on basketball level. Watch the video.

Efes players get the surprise of a lifetime (vid)

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Anadolu Efes players were invited by the club to a concert where a philarmonic ochestra would perform. But little they did know what they were getting into. Watch the video.

Harlem Shake Bamberg Edition (vid)

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Some of you might be familiar with the "Harlem Shake" dance by now which is taking the internet by storm lately. A Euroleague club made their own edition of it. Watch the video.

Not in my house! (vid)

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Dikember Mutombo is obsessed with blocking, even in commercials! Watch the video.

They are Red Hot (AKA the greatest video ever made by a Euroleague club)

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CSKA Moscow, and their marketing-multimedia whatever department, has once more proven they are years of light ahead of any competition when it comes to entertainment and promotion.

Minnesota Euros sure like their soup (vid)

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It's that time of the year again. You know, when sporting clubs around the world (well, at least the ones with smart marketing policy) create fun-to-watch Christmas videos, some of which actually succeed at their aim of being funny.

Prokhorov sends Russian hat to Shaq (vid)

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TNT's "Inside the NBA" hosts got some cool presents from Brooklyn Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov, who as he says "We Russians we all know about very bad weather" sent them some fur hats which "will keep their heads nice and warm".


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